A complex of natural highly active preparations for agriculture and veterinary science


Developed and implemented biological products for agriculture:
– The fungicidal preparation “Verva-el” for plants.
The active ingredient of the drug from spruce needles – natural flavonoids – is highly active against viral and fungal diseases, contribute to the growth of plants. The drug has insect-acaricidal activity against pests of agricultural crops.
– Verva feed additive for animals and birds from fir.
Natural product – an alternative to synthetic antibiotics for environmentally friendly products. The active substance is extractive fir compounds. The additive helps to increase the productivity of animals and birds, a positive effect. on the reproductive qualities of animals.
– Verva plant growth regulator from fir.
The drug contributes to the activation of biological and bioimmune processes in plants. Increases crop yields by 25–40%. Reduces plant damage by bacterial, fungal and viral diseases. Improves the quality of fruits and their preservation.



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