Computerized low-amperage arc welder simulator Gefest-1M


The simulator allows you to simulate (simulate) the processes of manual arc welding and welding in a protective gas medium with a consumable and non-consumable electrode using a real low-ampere welding arc and the use of real welding tools.
– Completely safe for the student.
– The software contains over 80 exercises.
– The simulator allows you to consistently complicate tasks.
– The software provides visualization of the spatial position of the welding tool relative to the sample being welded in a 3-D image
– Automatic assessment due to the introduction of elements of an expert system.
Power supply:
Voltage, V 220
Frequency, Hz 50
Power consumption, W 500
Welding arc current, A 100-2500
Welding speed, mm / s within 2 … 12
Arc length
within, mm 0.5 … 6
Electrode tilt angles
“Along and across the seam”, ° C ± 85
Arc voltage, V within 20 – 45



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