Institute for Design-Technological Informatics of the Russian Academy of Sciences


The main purpose and the subject of the Institute’s activity is to conduct fundamental, exploratory and applied researches, aimed to obtaining and practical introduction of new knowledges in the field of: mechanical engineering, the nanosystems industry; information and telecommunication systems; life sciences (medicine); mechatronics and its interdisciplinary application, other formed and emerging relevant areas in science.
The main directions of activities of the Institute: automation systems, CALS – technologies (technologies for information support of product life cycle processes), mathematical models and methods for studying of complex control systems and processes, the fundamental problems of the social dynamics of complex high-tech industries; global and integrated information and communication systems and networks, information technologies, fundamental and applied problems of creating a distributed information-computing environment of complex high-tech industries; fundamental problems of cognitive-oriented technologies of representation and processing of design and technological knowledge, mathematical modeling and information processes in production and technological systems of mechanical engineering; development of scientific principles and basic elements of evolution of machine-tool construction, mechatronics and other engineering sciences; the creation of promising designs, materials and technologies in machine building and instrument making, medicine, biology, and other related interdisciplinary fields; theoretical foundations and basic principles of nanometrology in technical systems, bases for producing nanocomposite materials, nanostructured multilayer composite coatings.



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