Institute of Biology of the South Seas A.O. Kovalevsky RAS


The Institute carries out fundamental, exploratory and applied research in the field of biology and ecology of the seas, oceans and freshwater reservoirs, including those related to the conservation, restoration and rational use of marine biological resources. The main research areas of the institute:
* biodiversity, conservation and rational use of marine biological resources, marine biotechnology and aquaculture;
* the formation, functioning and productivity of marine and oceanic ecosystems, their transformation under the influence of natural environmental factors and human activity;
* marine radiation biology and chemoecology;
* methodology and organization of monitoring and operational control of the state of biota, forecasts of changes in the quality of the marine environment.



299011, Russia, Sevastopol, Nakhimov Avenue, 2

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+7 (8692) 54-41-10


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