Institute of materials technology of Khabarovsk centre of FEC the Russian Academy of Sciences


The Institute of Materials Science FEB RAS was founded in 1991 in the city of Khabarovsk with the aim of ensuring the development of fundamental scientific research and solving applied problems of the Far Eastern region in the field of materials science. The decision to create the institute was connected with the political and economic prerequisites that had been created at the wrong time. The Institute was tasked with taking into account and combining scientific tasks and regional problems in its work, closely related to the general problem of transforming the Far Eastern region from a raw material supplier into a supplier of new materials and technologies. In recent years, new views have appeared in the country on the rapid development of the Russian Far East, on the creation in this region of a powerful modern industry, primarily engineering with a focus on aircraft construction and shipbuilding. Therefore, the modern face of the Institute is determined not only by work in the field of mineral processing, but also research on the creation of new materials based on titanium, aluminum, as well as hard alloys with high cutting characteristics.

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