Portable X-ray dental apparatus "Pardus-R"


Portable X-ray machine “PARDUS_R” is intended for diagnostic tests in dentistry and maxillofacial surgery, including in non-stationary non-specialized conditions. A fundamental feature of portable devices from traditional stationary devices with a tripod floor or wall type, is that their design allows you to carry out diagnostic tests without using any tripod. The medical staff performs an x-ray, holding the device directly with his hands. The fundamental difference between the modern Russian apparatus and all other known designs is the use of the BS series X-ray tube with a focal spot of micron sizes manufactured by Svetlana-X-ray. Accordingly, the depth of field for dental shooting is not limited. You can rest against the end of the tube of the device in the diagnosed area of the maxillofacial department, which allows to increase the accuracy of the “aiming”, including eliminating blurring – of the image due to tremor of the hands of an X-ray technician or patient’s head.



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