Software package of impact assessment of nearbed currents on sediment erosion


The software package is designed to determine the potential for erosion of soil, consisting of particles of a given fraction, under the influence of internal waves at a selected point for cohesive and non-cohesive sediments. The complex contains the following functions: calculation of bottom velocity in a weakly nonlinear approximation, calculation of the Shields parameter, determination of the critical shear stress at the bottom (and the critical value of the Shields parameter: erosion potential method for non-cohesive sediments), as well as erosion velocity for cohesive soils. Input parameters are: the average diameter of the soil particles, the roughness coefficient, the density of the bottom material, the density of the fluid near the bottom, as well as its kinematic viscosity (for non-cohesive soils); calculated adhesion, roughness coefficient and full depth (for cohesive soils). The user interface of the complex allows users to download data, calculate parameters characterizing the possibility of erosion for soils of various types under the action of internal waves, at any selected point.



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