X-ray fluorescence wire scanner of profiles of beams of ionizing radiation


An advantage of the invention lies in the possibility of simultaneous (in one pass) measurement of the transverse profiles of beams of ionizing radiation in different places along the axis of the beam where the scanning wires are installed, by recording the characteristic radiation spectra of wires made of different materials using only one energy dispersive X-ray detector, and it is also possible to determine the necessary characteristics from the measurement results: position (trajectory), beam dimensions, divergence and emittance. The technical result consists in the high accuracy of the basic characteristics of ionizing radiation beams obtained during one measurement: transverse dimensions, transverse profiles, position, divergence, emittance. This is achieved by placing scanning wires in several places along the axis of the beam, made of different materials and fixed in a holder capable of moving the scanning wires in the direction transverse to the axis of the beam, with subsequent registration of the spectra of characteristic x-ray radiation generated by the interaction of the scanning wires with an ionizing radiation beam , energy dispersive X-ray detector.



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